Minutes of Jan 21 Meeting held in Liverpool

Present: Mark Lancaster, Melissa George, Sinead Farrington
Apologies: Phil Burrows, Mrinal Dasgupta, Malcolm Fairbairn (but present for afternoon meeting with Liverpool LOC), Yoshi Uchida

Chair’s report:
Committee composition:
–Chair welcomed new comittee member: Sinead Farrington (secretary/treasurer)
–Dasgupta replaces Stirling as theory representative.

Need new student reps – Mark will circulate request on HI-PHI and to group leaders, with election at annual HEPP meeting.

The Accelerator Particle Physics IOP group issued a standing invitation to propose a crossmember with their group. Melissa volunteered (she now works on MICE).

Division – nuclear/particle division disbanded

– Noted that Joe Cole has produced an interesting history of the division.
– Disbanding raises the issue of the divisional prize. Within HEPP we have the early career HEP prize and Chadwick prize and so the Chair proposed a joint HEP/astroparticle prize as a new solution.
– Also raises the issue of joint HEPP/nuclear meetings. The proposal is to invite nuclear physics to hold a joint meeting every five years (with the next occasion being 2014/15).

Organisation of HEPP meeting
The committee agreed to approach institutes in order of those who have organised HEPP meetings least recently.

– hepcomm.org.uk internal page available for HEPP IOP information.

Half day meetings
– There have been four in the last year (LAr manchester, Future long baseline neutrinos QM, Young Theorists’ Forum IPPP, Tevscale gravity QM, New paths to Particle Dark matter, Oxford)
– proposal from accelerators – future accelerators for particle physics, asked for co-support
– Action agreed: submit a notice to HI-PHI informing people of the possibility to host IOP half day meetings.

– budget for 2012 was 7k
– spend at end of november was 4.3k
– 2013 budget 8k
– Noted that the student conference fund has 25k for all IOP, capped at 250 each and we should encourage students to apply when possible.

(Approximate expenditure700 on prizes, 250-500 to annual meeting, newsletter 2k, half day meetings and conference sponsorship for the rest.)

Outreach News
Ben Still who was awarded the HEPP early career outreach prize subsequently won the IOP communication prize.
Stephanie Hills – outreach liaison person based at CERN.
STFC is recruiting an outreach officer half time.

Public engagement fellowship scheme – new round (2 years).

CERN@school initiative is being launched.

See Neville Hollingsworth report attached for further details on outreach news.

Melissa would like to release two newsletters per year. Mark will ask Claire for a breakdown of costs to inform the decision whether to support two newsletters, ideally to be distributed in February and August.

Next meeting
The committee’s next meeting is intended to be soon after the IOP HEPP meeting in April.

In the afternoon the committee had a meeting with the Liverpool local organising committee of the IOP HEPP meeting 8-10 April. Organisation is very well underway and it promises to be an excellent meeting.

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