• 2015 : Tom Blake
    For his leadership in the study of rare B meson decays and lepton universality violation and other measurements at the LHCb Experiment.
  • 2014 : Justin Evans
    For his contributions to world-leading neutrino oscillation measurements at MINOS.
  • 2013 : Jeff Hartnell
    For his contributions to neutrino physics.
  • 2012 : Christian Schwanenberger
    For his contributions to top quark physics at the Tevatron.
  • 2011 : Chris Lester
    For developing SUSY analysis techniques for the LHC.
  • 2010 : Chris Parkes
    For his wide-ranging software, hardware and analysis achievements in particle physics.
  • 2009 : Peter Richardson
    For contributions in both the theoretical development and the implementation of event generators.
  • 2008 : Paul Newman
    For his leading contributions to the measurement of the proton structure functions at HERA, especially his seminal work on diffractive deep inelastic scattering.
  • 2007 : Tejinder Virdee
    For leadership of physics at the LHC.
  • 2006 : Christine Davies
    For her achievement in improving the quality of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamic predictions.
  • 2005 : Nick Jelley
    For his role as a leader of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory since its inception, and as group leader of the Oxford group during the period of its most exciting discoveries.
  • 2004 : Keith Green and Mike Pendlebury
    For their organisational and intellectual leadership, over many years, of the pioneering experiment at ILL Grenoble to measure the electric dipole moment of the neutron.

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