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Neutrino Factory Workshop 2002

Department of Physics, Blackett Laboratory,
Imperial College London, Prince Consort Road,
London SW7 2BW, UK
1st to 6th July 2002

First Bulletin

        1.  General Information
    Recent developments in particle accelerators make it possible to conceive of intense neutrino beams based on the decay of a stored muon beam, the Neutrino Factory. These intense neutrino beams may allow CP violation in the lepton sector to be observed. The design of such a Neutrino Factory will be an important step towards a muon collider, perhaps the route of choice to multi-TeV lepton-anti-lepton collisions. The successful operation of such a facility, therefore, may very well represent the birth of a new technique for the study of fundamental particles and their interactions.

    NuFact02 is the fourth annual Neutrino Factory workshop. This series of annual meetings is devoted to discussing the full physics potential of the Neutrino Factory as well as the design and feasibility of the accelerator complex and the various detectors. The NuFact02 workshop programme starts on Monday 1st July 2002 and ends shortly after mid-day on Saturday 6th July 2002.

    The first Neutrino Factory Summer Institute will take place at Coseners House, Abingdon (near Oxford) from the 24th June 2002 to 29th June 2002. For more information refer to

    2.  Scientific Programme
    The NuFact02 workshop consists of a mixture of plenary and parallel, working group, sessions. Possible topics for plenary presentations include:

    Status of neutrino oscillations
    Solar neutrino experiments
    Atmospheric neutrino experiments
    Status and potential of long-baseline experiments
    Neutrino superbeams
    Status of Neutrino Factory studies in Europe, the US and Japan
    Muon collider as a Higgs factory
    Muon cooling
    High intensity sources and possible targets
    Implications of neutrino mass
    Rare muon decays
    Short-baseline physics

    There will be four working groups:

    i. Machine
    ii. Neutrino oscillation: Physics and detector
    iii. Non-oscillation neutrino physics: Physics and detector
    iv. Non-neutrino science at a Neutrino Factory

    3.  Workshop Site
    The workshop will be held in the Physics Department of Imperial College London (the Blackett Laboratory). The Blackett Laboratory is located in Prince Consort Rd, London SW7 2BW (for maps of the South Kensington campus refer to - the Blackett Laboratory is No. 6 on the South Kensington Map).

    4.  Registration
    Details of how to register for NuFact02 will be posted on the NuFact02 web-site ( shortly. Please note that accommodation should be booked separately as described below.

    5.  Accommodation
    Accommodation should be booked directly with the Imperial College Conference Office. All the hotels on their list are within walking distance of the Blackett Laboratory and may be reserved at discounted prices. Please consult the Conference Office web site,, for further information. A limited number of rooms are available in Beit Hall which is situated just opposite the Blackett Laboratory. The rooms, which are comparatively cheap and very convenient, can be booked (on a first-come-first-served basis) via the following web page:

    6.  Transportation
    For directions to Imperial College please refer to

    7.  Correspondence
    All correspondence concerning the workshop should be addressed to:

    Piera Brambilla, NuFact02                                Email:
    High Energy Physics Group
    Blackett Laboratory, Department of Physics
    Imperial College
    Prince Consort Rd
    Tel: +44(0)207 594 7824
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