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Neutrino Factory Workshop 2002

Department of Physics, Blackett Laboratory,
Imperial College London, Prince Consort Road,
London SW7 2BW, UK
1st to 6th July 2002

Third Bulletin

Early registration deadline approaches!

1.General Information

The fourth international Neutrino Factory workshop, NuFact02, will take place in the Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London from the 1st July to 6th July 2002. The workshop will cover all aspects of both neutrino and non-neutrino physics at the Neutrino Factory as well as the accelerator complex that is required to deliver the various particle beams. In addition, the relative merits of Neutrino Factory and ‘super muon-neutrino’ beams will be discussed. The workshop will be composed of a mixture of plenary and parallel, working-group, sessions. This bulletin contains the preliminary schedule of the workshop, identifies the working-group conveners and gives details of the registration procedure and the workshop fee.

The first Neutrino Factory Summer Institute will take place at Coseners House, Abingdon (near Oxford) from the 24th June 2002 to 29th June 2002. For more information refer to


Registration should be performed through the NuFact02 web site ( The deadline for registration is 1st May 2002. The conference fee is £200 (£150 for students). Participants may register after this date but will be subject to a late registration charge of £30. Accommodation can be booked separately via the NuFact02 web page as described in the first bulletin.
Early registration fee

(before 1st May 2002)

Late registration fee

(On or after 1st May 2002)


3.The NuFact02 Summer Institute 

The week before the NuFact02 Workshop, the first NuFact Summer Institute will also take place at Coseners House, Abingdon (near Oxford) from the 24th June 2002 to 29th June 2002. For more information refer to

This willbe a unique occasion to get introduced to the neutrino physics and accelerator physics that are relevant to design, build and exploit higher intensity sources of accelerator neutrinos. It aims to form a layer of young motivated physicist that we will need for that. Less young motivated physicists are also welcome.


All correspondence concerning the workshop should be addressed to:

Piera Brambilla, NuFact02
High Energy Physics Group
Blackett Laboratory, Department of Physics
Imperial College
Prince Consort Rd
Tel: +44(0)207 594 7824
FAX: +44(0)207 823 8830

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