Proceedings: Journal and page allocations

Proceedings to appear in special issue of J. Phys. G

Plenary talks 30 minute talks 8 pages
  20 minute talks 5 pages
WG summaries 12 pages

Presentations and discussion in working groups: Page limit BY WORKING GROUP based on number of talks in w/g sessions. Conveners chargW/g summariesed with allocating pages to talks or groups of talks.

Working group 1 85 pages
Working group 2 85 pages
Working group 3 70 pages
Working group 4 50 pages

Editors and schedule

Editors: R. Edgecock (RAL), K. Long (IC)

Submission of papers to editors: 07 Oct 02
[Formatting guidelines and style files are from the IOP, but submissions are to the NuFact '02 Editors, not to IOP]

Text proofread to publisher: 09 Dec 02

Peer review: Plenary: Editors/nominees
Parallel: Conveners/nominees