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Imperial College London, High Energy Physics (UK) is the lead institute for the ZEPLIN-III project. The group was responsible for building the instrument, the gas system and the data acquisition electronics; it also led the data analysis effort.

Contacts: Henrique Araújo, Tim Sumner



Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Particle Physics Department (UK) was responsible for, amongst others, project management and for operating the Boulby Underground Laboratory on behalf of the UK Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

Contacts: Pawel Majewski

The University of Edinburgh Crest

University of Edinburgh, School of Physics and Astronomy (UK) delivered the active scintillator veto for ZEPLIN-III in partnership with ITEP-Moscow.

Contacts: Alex Murphy


ITEP-Moscow – Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Russia), was involved in the original ZEPLIN-III design and developed the veto system jointly with the Edinburgh group.

Contacts: Dmitri Akimov


LIP-Coimbra – Laboratory for Instrumentation and Experimental Particle Physics (Portugal) was responsible for most of the project software, including data acquisition, data reduction, vertex reconstruction and system control.

Contacts: Isabel Lopes, Vitaly Chepel




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