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Plenary Meeting: Cern 29-31 March 2007

Online Registration Form

Please complete the online registration form as early as possible.

Personal Details

First Name:
Home Institute:
email address:

Registration Costs

A registration fee of 75 CHF will be charged to cover the cost of the meeting dinner and incidental expenses.

Please confirm your attendance at the meeting dinner and diet preference.
Note that the restaurant requires the final number of vegetarian meals by March 10th.

I shall attend the dinner:
Vegetarian option required:

Accommodation Bookings

Do you wish to reserve pre-booked accommodation?
Please note that the pre-booked accommodation will only be available until March 10th.

Please note: There are no more pre-booked CERN HOSTEL places available.

Accommodation Room rates
95 CHF room
2.30 CHF tax
10.0 CHF Breakfast

Arrival Date: approximate time:
Departure Date:    

Payment Details

The address and account details for payment of the registration fee by Bank Transfer are given below.
It is very important that people should quote the Team account number.

Rue du Rhone 8
Case postale 2950
IBAN: CH93-0024-0240-C0148556.6
Account number: 240-C0148556.0
Team account : T273305

Registration Enquiries

For general enquiries, CERN badges, reception/dinner contact Patricia Perreard: P.Perreard@cern.ch
For enquiries concerning accommodation contact Celine Le Bon: Celine.Le.Bon@cern.ch

Visitors wishing to register laptops for use during the meeting can do so here. Please specify Patricia Perreard as the CERN contact for laptop registration.