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Scoping study for a future accelerator neutrino complex - discussion meeting

Friday 6th May 2005 and Saturday 7th May 2005
Room 539, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London

There has been growing interest in the world for a new powerful accelerator neutrino complex. In Europe scientific committees at CERN have renewed support for accelerator beta-beam studies and recommended a site-independent study of a neutrino factory and the EU-funded ECFA/BENE (Beams for European Neutrino Experiments) network is preparing a Design Study proposal for submission to the EU.
Giving considerable impulse in the same direction, Prof. J. Wood, CCLRC CEO, recently invited the UK Neutrino Factory collaboration to consider how best to establish an international activity that will [1]:

This activity is referred to in the following as a "scoping study". A short document defining how this can be carried out has been requested by 27th May 2005. The aim is to launch this one-year study at NUFACT05 in Frascati; a timescale which is matched to that of BENE.
A discussion meeting is to be held in London on 6/7 May for all who may wish to contribute to the study. Specific invitations are extended to members of the Neutrino Factory and Muon Collaborations in the USA, the Japanese NuFACT-J working group, CERN, the EU labs participating in ECFA/BENE and prospective collaborators from Canada and India. However all interested institutions and colleagues are most welcome.
The purpose of the discussion meeting is to review and agree a workplan for the scoping study. In addition to agreeing the goals and deliverables of the study, the meeting must agree the way in which the study will be managed.
Some organisational details for the meeting are given below. A more detailed agenda will be circulated soon; the goal is to have the various sessions introduced by short contributions but to devote the majority of the time to discussion. A modest fee will be required to cover, for example, the cost of dinner on Friday evening.


Dates and times:
Start: 13h30 on Friday the 6th May 2005
End: 16h30 on Saturday the 7th May 2005
Room 539 in the Blackett Laboratory (Physics Dept).

The Blackett Laboratory is on the Imperial College South Kensington campus. A map of the area can be found on the WWW at http://www.imperial.ac.uk/maps/sk.asp and directions can be found at http://www.imperial.ac.uk/research/hep/about/travel.htm.


Friday: 06May05 13h30 - convene
. PM session 1: Physics: phenomenology, figures of merit, how to compare facilities for precision neutrino physics
Saturday 07May05 09h30 - Convene
. AM session 2: Machine: options from proton driver to storage ring, particular issues (e.g. targetry, FFAGs etc)
. PM session 3: Detectors: technology options, R&D issues etc.
. Closing discussion, 16h30 close



please register your attendance at the meeting by emailing Piera Brambilla at P.Brambilla@Imperial.ac.uk or completing the Registration Form

It is proposed to organise a dinner at the CHUTNEY MARY Indian Restaurant in King's Rd, on the evening of the 6th May 2005. Please indicate when you register whether you wish to attend the dinner.

The Imperial College London Conference office has an accommodation service 'Accommodation Link' which may be accessed at
or by calling +44(0)20-7594-9507 or +44(0)20-7594-9511. The Accommodation Link is able to help you book a room in a local hotel depending on preference and availability.

K. Long, 22 April 2005