From Superjets to PDFs: The Hunt for Anomalies in Heavy Flavour Semileptonic Decays at CDF

Lucio Cerrito (QMUL)

In 2002 and 2004, two published analyses of the data collected using the CDF I detector were pointing at the possibility of anomalous semileptonic decays in certain b-jets: the superjets. Since then, we used semileptonic decay of heavy flavour (HF) to hunt for superjets, to measure top quark production and we studied the use of semileptonic decays to make the most precise top mass measurement at the LHC. Recently, we presented the first measurement of the cross section of W with a single charm quark, paving the way for constraints on the strange-quark density (PDF) in the proton. I'll give an account of those past, and the present CDF measurements we made using HF semileptonic decay on the backdrop of the ghost of superjets.