The MIPP Experiment: Status and Upgrade Plans

Rajendran Raja (Fermilab)

We describe the status of the Main Injector Particle Production experiment at Fermilab. MIPP has acquired data consisting of 18 million events using 6 beam species and various nuclear targets in a run that ended in 2006. We will describe the status of the analysis and plans for upgrading the experiment to acquire data 100 times faster. The data so obtained will have significant impact on our understanding of non-perturbative QCD and also enable us to simulate particle showers far more accurately than currently possible. The resultant improvement in particle shower algorithms will impact a wide variety of experiments including the neutrino oscillation experiments (atmospheric and fixed target), collider detector simulations as well as our ability to design ILC calorimeters. Data from an upgraded MIPP will enable more accurate prediction of fluxes from muon collider/neutrino factory targets.