First Look at Physics from SciBooNE

Hide-Kazu Tanaka (Columbia University)

The discovery of neutrino flavour oscillation is the first observation of phenomena not allowed by the Standard Model. The next generation of oscillation experiments, in particular T2K, will move the field from the discovery phase into the precision measurement era, with the ultimate goal being the search for CP violation in the lepton sector---which might explain the prevalence of matter over antimatter in the universe. Neutrino interaction cross sections present one of the major systematic uncertainties for future oscillation experiments. SciBooNE is a new running experiment at Fermilab designed to measure neutrino-carbon cross sections with unprecedented accuracy, for use in the new oscillation experiments.

The SciBooNE Collaboration Meeting will be held at Imperial College March 17-19, during which we will review and approve the first physics results from the experiment. We will present those newly approved results in this seminar.