Fast circular accelerators for future muon and proton beams

by Jaroslaw Pasternak (Imperial College)

In the Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider muon beams need to be accelerated to very high energies. Short muon lifetime requires a very fast acceleration, which can only be realized in the cost effective way in circular accelerators. The Intensity Frontier in HEP calls for higher proton intensities for experiments. These demanding constraints have to be fulfilled by the next generation of fast circular accelerators. In particular the FFAG (Fixed Field Alternating Gradient) rings are the potential solution for future muon and proton beams. In this talk the history of FFAG will be described together with their basic properties, which will be compared to rapid cycling synchrotrons. The review of current ongoing projects will be given. Finally the applications of FFAG principle to acceleration of muons in the Neutrino Factory will be discussed with details.