A Precision Test of Lepton Universality at the NA62 Experiment at CERN

by Dr E Goudzovski (University of Birmingham)

Measurement of the helicity suppressed ratio of charged kaon leptonic decay rates BR(K --> e nu)/BR(K --> mu nu) has long been considered as an excellent test of lepton universality and the Standard Model (SM) description of weak interactions. It was realised recently that the suppression of the SM contribution enhances the sensitivity to SUSY-induced effects to an experimentally accessible level. The NA62 experiment at CERN has collected a record number of over 10^5 K --> e nu decays during a dedicated run in 2007, aiming at achieving a 0.5% precision. Experimental strategy, details of the analysis and preliminary results as well as the future plans for kaon physics at CERN will be discussed.