Hadron Spectroscopy and Form Factors in AdS-QCD for Experimentalists

by Prof Guy F. de Teramond
(University of Costa Rica and SLAC)

I will survey the correspondence between semiclassical gauge theories quantized on the light-front and a dual gravity model in anti-de Sitter (AdS) space. This correspondence -- light-front holography -- provides an initial approximation to QCD in its strongly coupling regime and leads to a light-front Hamiltonian and relativistic bound-state wave equations in terms of an invariant impact variable, which measures the separation of the quark and gluonic constituents within the hadron at equal light-front time. Light-front holography also allows a precise mapping of transition amplitudes from AdS to physical space-time. In contrast with the usual AdS/QCD framework, the internal structure of hadrons is explicitly introduced and the angular momentum of the constituents plays a key role. I will also discuss how to introduce higher Fock-states in the correspondence, as well as their relevance for the detailed description of the structure of space and time-like form factors.