Neutrino Phenomenology: from Underground to the Skies

by Dr Silvia Pascoli

In the past fifteen years, a series of experiments has confirmed that neutrinos can oscillate between different flavours and have mass. These results are evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model, with profound implications for the understanding of the Universe, its fundamental components and the laws that govern it. Thanks to the discovery of theta13 just two years ago and a broad experimental programme ongoing and due to start soon, now the path is open to hunt for the missing ingredients of the neutrino puzzle: the mass hierarchy, leptonic CP violation, the nature of neutrinos and deviations from the neutrino standard paradigm, e.g. sterile neutrinos. I will review the status of experimental results, their implications for our understanding of neutrino properties, and the open questions. The talk will focus on reactor and accelerator neutrino theory and experiments, neutrino less double beta decay, direct measurement of neutrino masses and will briefly review the impact on our understanding of the physics Beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics.