High mass dibosons gatherings at the LHC

by Dr Yanyan Gao

a Interactions with pairs of electro-weak bosons (dibosons) provide key handles to search for new physics in collider experiments. As a fundamental element in electro-weak symmetry breaking, these interactions have played a key role in the Higgs boson discovery in Run-1. The diboson mass region above ~500 GeV is particularly sensitive to a wide range of BSM physics models. In my talk I will summarise the latest experimental results from ATLAS in this region, covering both resonance researches and measurements in the high mass tails of the Higgs boson productions. Selected topics include the off-shell Higgs boson couplings in Run-1, diboson resonance searches in the all-hadronic channel in Run-2, and the moderate excess in the diphoton channel in Run-2. A brief discussion from a phenomenological perspective is also included.