Turning the LHC into a powerful Higgs facility

by Dr Uta Klein

The Large Hadron Collider determines the energy frontier of experimental collider physics for the next 20 years. The currently studied further upgrade of the high-luminosity LHC with a new 60 GeV electron beam would provide CERN with the highest resolution microscope to pin down remaining secrets of the proton structure at very high precision as is also necessary for reducing dominant uncertainties of the LHC Higgs cross section measurements in pp. Moreover, electron-proton collisions at centre-of-mass energy of 1.3 TeV themselves would allow novel and precise measurements of properties of the Higgs boson through its t-channel W and Z exchange. The clean experimental conditions, i.e. the absence of pile-up, are favourable for measuring the H-bb coupling to a striking 1% precision and to also detect rare decays such as that into invisible particles. The talk will illustrate the huge potential how such an electron beam upgrade of LHC may transform the LHC complex into a genuine and powerful Higgs facility.