The Phase 1 Upgrade of the CMS Pixel Detector

by Dr Lea Caminada

The CMS pixel detector at LHC allows for high precision tracking in the region closest to the interaction point in a particularly harsh environment characterized by a high track multiplicity and heavy irradiation. Its information is crucial for track seeding, vertex reconstruction and the identification of heavy flavor quarks and tau leptons. The present CMS pixel detector will be replaced with an upgraded pixel system during the LHC extended technical stop in winter 2016/2017. The CMS Phase 1 pixel upgrade combines a new pixel readout chip, which minimizes detection inefficiencies, with several other design improvements to maintain the excellent tracking performance of CMS at the higher luminosity conditions foreseen at LHC in the coming years. In this presentation the new pixel detector will be described focusing mostly on the barrel detector design, results from testing and expected performances. Furthermore, the status of the construction and plans for integration will also be presented.