Measurements of CP violation in penguin decays with hadronic final states at LHCb

Matt Kenzie

Precision measurements of direct and mixing-induced CP-violating observables in neutral B0s-meson decays are amongst the most promising ways to look for signs of new physics in the flavour sector. The CP-violating phase ϕs, which arises in the interference between the amplitudes of direct B0s-meson decay and the decay after oscillation in b→qq¯s transitions, is particularly interesting because the Standard Model expectation for its value is both very small and precise. In this talk, an overview of the current experimental status and latest developments in this area will be presented, notably including a novel LHCb measurement of ϕs performed for the first time ever using the B0s→(K+π−)(K−π+) decay. This decay proceeds via a b→dd¯s transition, which can only occur at loop level in the Standard Model, thus providing a sensitive probe for new physics.