Ben Allanach (Cambridge)

Phenomenology of Z' Explanations of Neutral Current B Anomalies

Abstract: Recent measurements of B->K(*) l+ l- by the LHCb collaboration are in tension with Standard Model predictions, and seem to indicate lepton universality violation. Several other measurements of B meson decays point in the same direction. After summarising the current state-of-play of this data, we explore the possibilty that this could be due to a multi-TeV Z' particle which has flavour dependent couplings. Such Z's are targets for hadron collider searches, and we review the prospects of the LHC and higher energy machines of discovering the Z's that explain the B anomalies. We finish by presenting a simple model that predicts a Z' with the correct properties: the Third Family Hypercharge Model. The model also postdicts the hierachical heaviness of the third family of Standard Model fermions and small quark mixing.