Pietro Giampa (Triumf)

Development of Silicon Photo-Multipliers (SiPM) for Future Scintillation and Cherenkov Light Detectors.

Abstract: Silicon Photo-Multipliers (SiPMs) are devices capable of precisely detecting (counting and timing) single photons. With comparable gain to the classic Photo-Multiplier Tubes (PMTs), but with a much lower power requirement, SiPMs are widely used in precision-physics by experiments measuring scintillation and Cherenkov light. Moreover, SiPMs have also a significant commercial application side, ranging from medical imaging, to LiDARs, and much more. In this talk, we will review the current state-of-the-art of SiPMs, with emphasis on a new physics-based model that fully characterizes SiPMs in different configurations. Furthermore, we will present the ongoing R&D program designed to optimize this technology for future precision-physics detectors aimed at searches beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics. This R&D effort is two-fold: timing optimization by incorporating a digital readout directly on the devices (3DSiPMs) and counting optimization by enhancing the VUV photo-detection-efficiency above 50% (100-200 nm).