Louie Corpe (UCL)

Hacking the ATLAS detector: looking for exotic long-lived particles using displaced jets

Abstract: Long-lived particles (LLPs) are nothing new: semi-stable particles abound in the SM. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t occur in extensions to the SM too. The lifetime of exotic LLPs in BSM models is typically unconstrained, and since collider detectors are usually designed assuming that the action happens near the beam crossing, LLPs that decay far from the beamline could easily have been missed by standard searches. To look for them, we therefore need to ‘hack’ our detectors to do something they were not designed to do: search for decays deeper in the detector volume. This talk describes one such search for pairs of neutral, long-lived particles decaying in the ATLAS calorimeter, leading to the formation of narrow, trackless displaced jets.