Paula Alvarez Cartelle (ICL)

Search for lepton flavour universality violation in B→Kll decays at LHCb

Abstract: Recent measurements of observables involving the flavour changing neutral current transition b->smumu have shown an interesting pattern of tensions with respect to the predictions of the Standard Model (SM). However, the interpretation of these results is limited by our present understanding of the hadronic uncertainties affecting these predictions. Given the lepton-flavour-universal nature of the SM, observables such as RK=BR(B→Kμμ)/BR(B→Kee), so-called Lepton Flavour Universality ratios, profit from large cancellation of the theory uncertainties and provide a very sensitive probe for physics beyond the SM. The previous measurement of the ratio RK performed by the LHCb collaboration, using Run 1 data, found a value compatible with the SM expectation at the 2.6σ level. In this seminar, a new measurement of RK at the LHCb experiment will be presented. The new measurement reanalyses the data recorded by LHCb during Run 1, and adds data collected during 2015 and 2016. The total dataset is double the size of that previously analysed.