Elisa Resconi (TUM)

Neutrino Astronomy with IceCube and the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Explorer (P-ONE): towards a planetary scale telescope

Abstract: In this presentation I will talk about the recent results obtained with the IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory and in particular about the first association between high energy neutrinos and an astronomical source. The recent progress motivates a future phase of IceCube as well as a new project, the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment (P-ONE). P-ONE is a new initiative which aims to redevelop ocean-based neutrino telescopes by harnessing one of the largest comprehensive ocean observing infrastructures in the world, Ocean Networks Canada. A test-bed of sensitive optical instruments have been deployed and operated at ONC's Cascadia Basin site, at a depth of 2.6km, providing the crucial initial site information needed to develop of a full-scale telescope. We present here the first conceptual study of P-ONE and its role within the planetary network of neutrino telescopes under development.