Phil Ilten (Birmingham)

CODEX-b and the Search for Longevity

Abstract: The standard model (SM) of particle physics is incredibly successful, accurately describing particle interactions at energies spanning nearly ten orders of magnitude, yet we know that it cannot be a complete theory of nature since it cannot explain dark matter or gravity. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) programme at CERN has performed extensive searches for dark matter at unprecedented energies, yet no dark matter candidates or new physics have been found, including non-collider direct detection experiments. This lack of results requires relaxing long-held assumptions, and focusing on more general models which connect dark matter to the SM. Dark matter can be part of a larger dark sector just as complex as the SM, if not more so. Within this dark sector, portal particles interact with both the dark sector and the SM. These particles are expected to interact feebly with the SM, producing long-lived particles which may escape detection in conventional detectors. The proposed CODEX-b experiment is designed specifically to detect long-lived particles produced at LHC energies. This talk will describe the physics potential of CODEX-b, its complementarity with existing experiments, and how CODEX-b will utilise the LHCb detector.