Conor Fitzpatrick (University of Manchester)

More with less: The evolution of the LHCb trigger and prospects for HL-LHC

Abstract: Since its inception for Run 1 of the LHC, the LHCb trigger has faced a unique challenge: How to produce a meaningful data reduction from 30MHz of proton-proton collisions when a significant fraction of those collisions contain signals of interest to researchers. The trigger has evolved over time to meet the requirements of an ever expanding physics programme, and for Run 3 has adopted three approaches that are unique at a collider experiment: A triggerless readout operating at 30MHz, a fully software trigger and reconstruction, and a fully GPU based first level trigger and reconstruction. In this seminar I will describe this evolution, how it aligns with the UK landscape in HL-LHC trigger and software development and ongoing cross-experiment R&D efforts.