Maria Brunetti (University of Warwick)

The Pandora reconstruction for the DUNE experiment

Abstract: The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) is a next-generation long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment with a broad research programme that will shed light on many open questions in fundamental physics. The DUNE Far Detector will employ high-granularity Liquid-Argon Time-Projection Chambers (LArTPCs) to produce photographic-quality images of neutrino interactions, creating the need for advanced pattern recognition techniques. Automated event reconstruction with the Pandora Software Development Kit fully harnesses the LArTPC imaging capabilities thanks to a multi-algorithm paradigm, in which numerous algorithms are developed to perform specific tasks and combined in dedicated chains tackling different interaction topologies. This seminar describes event reconstruction at DUNE using Pandora, focusing on ProtoDUNE Single and Dual Phase, two Far Detector prototypes at CERN.