Roberto Rossi (CERN)

Crystal Channeling of Positively Charged Hadrons. The UA9 Collaboration Experience and Results.

Abstract: Highly pure crystalline materials can channel charged particles within atomic planes, if well aligned to particle beams direction. In bent crystals, channeling can steer the particles coherently. Firstly observed during radiation-matter interaction experiment in the early XX century, channeling phenomena has gained interest in particle accelerator community thanks to the technological advancement in the manufacturing of these devices. In the last 10 years, the UA9 collaboration has been one of the main actors in developing the technology and study the physics phenomena with an unprecedented level of details. This has been done in the H8 line in the North Area of the CERN SPS (thanks to the telescope tracker developed by the colleagues at Imperial College) where the tests aimed to investigate coherent interaction physics of positively charged particles with bent crystals. The collaboration has proposed and investigated the possible application of bent crystals in circular accelerators: for both machine applications (as hadron beam collimation and beam extraction) or for experimental layout applications (as a beam particles splitter or as a spin processor device).