William Barter (ICL)

Electroweak measurements and measurement of the W boson mass with the LHCb detector

Abstract: The LHCb detector offers unique opportunities to explore QCD and electroweak physics, owing to its high precision coverage of the forward region at the LHC. I will report on LHCb measurements using W and Z bosons, with particular attention on the recent measurement of the W boson mass (mW) at LHCb. LHCb has a critical role in LHC measurements of mW, since important theoretical uncertainties on mW are known to be anti-correlated between LHCb and the other LHC experiments: LHCb results are expected to significantly improve the LHC-wide mW average. I will also set out plans in this programme for the next decade and beyond. LHCb is currently being upgraded for higher intensity proton collisions, with a further upgrade proposed for around 2030.