Artur Stzuc (UCL)

Standard and Non-Standard Neutrino Oscillations with NOvA

Abstract: NOvA is a long-baseline, accelerator neutrino oscillation experiment that uses two functionally identical detectors with an 810 km baseline to study neutrino oscillation and interaction physics. NOvA measures the muon neutrino deficit and electron neutrino excess with neutrino and anitineutrino beams to probe neutrino PMNS oscillation parameters. In this seminar we present three new analyses that probe the PMNS further; the constraints on the Non-Standard Interactions with NOvA's long baseline, 3+1 sterile neutrino search that adapts new two-detector methods, and Bayesian re-interpretation of the standard NOvA PMNS results, with NOvA's first constraints on the 13 mixing angle.