Indranil Das (Imperial)

Development of Muon Tomography for the Geometry Validation of the CMS High Granularity Calorimeter

Abstract: The high granularity calorimeter (HGCAL) of CMS is planned to operate during the high luminosity operation of the LHC, replacing the existing electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters at the endcap section. It will enable a detailed investigation of vector boson fusion processes and Lorentz-boosted topologies in forward regions. An extensive validation of the hardware and software components of this state-of-the-art calorimeter is currently in progress. In this seminar we describe some of the interesting and complex details that need to be included in the simulation of the calorimeter. We have developed a muon tomography technique that is found to be very useful for identifying various geometry related problems. We discuss how this technique is used to figure out energy loss discrepancies with partial-wafer silicon sensors, incorrect rotation of full and partial-wafer silicon sensors, and validation of GEANT hit positions in the HGCAL scintillator tiles.