Ed Atkin (Imperial)

Results from the T2K+NOvA Joint Analysis

Abstract: The T2K and NOvA experiments are the two Long-BaseLine (LBL) experiments currently collecting data to measure the properties of neutrinos and in particular the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations. T2K is based in Japan and studies a neutrino beam with a peak energy of ~0.6GeV across a baseline of 295km. The NOvA experiment is based in the USA and studies a neutrino beam with a peak energy of ~2GeV and uses a baseline of 810km. The different neutrino beam energies and baselines mean that the experiments have different sensitivities to neutrino oscillation parameters. The T2K and NOvA collaborations have worked together on a joint analysis of the two experiments data which hopes to use the differing sensitivities of the experiments to paint the clearest picture of neutrino oscillations from LBL experiments. The first results of this joint analysis will be presented along with a description of the analysis strategy that was used.