CMS generic:
CMS internal homepage
CMS public homepage

Generic CMS work:
CMS Imperial Workbook on the CERN TWiki.

Data Management
CMS UK Data Management
DataOps and AnalysisOps quotas

CMS Data usage by group.
CMS data discovery.
CMS Dynamic DataManagementSystem FAQ

CMS How-tos
How to report a missing file ?
How to check the file integrity ?
How to update the siteconfig files ?
How to restart the xrootd servers (xrootd0[1,2]):
service cmsd@uk restart, service xrootd@uk restart

CMS Monitoring:

CMS Grafana barf
CMS Nagios (the link they don't want you to have... I guess it loads too fast....)
What they do want you to see: T2_UK_London_IC on the Dashboard

Job failures:
To look at the job failure rate: Interactive View. Select Site in Filters.
To get to the actual errors, changed from "Chart" to "Table". Then select e.g. "SiteFail". This will show a Table with all failed jobs in this category. Expand the job you are interested in and in "JobDetailView" click "Click to load chart". The job logs can be found at the address listed under "JobLogs" (scroll!). Obvious, isn't it ?

Site Readiness:
Site readiness table.
Imperial in the gwmsmon.
To check if a T2 and T3 is enabled: Site Readiness and Production.

Keep an eye on the T3s: T3_UK_London_QMUL, T3_UK_London_RHUL, T3_UK_ScotGrid_GLA, T3_UK_SGrid_Oxford

Monitoring and debugging PhEDEx.
FTS monitoring pages (needs updating)
Maybe it's not us ? State of the xroot redirectors

CMS at Imperial
The infamous cms setup script for local jobs lives in /voms/grid/cms/, accessible from lt2install.
To resync it to the lx nodes do:
ssh root@lt2dsk03
cd scripts; ./

Meetings etc:
CMS Offline and Computing meetings. Especially Offline & Computing Workshops.

Old stuff (not updated any longer, but might still contain the odd nugget of wisdom):
How to run CMS code cheat sheet.
CMS cloud computing.