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Get the travel insurance certificate here (this link seems to move every three months, grrr...).
Register your trip here.
Register a trip with GridPP (login is College email address).

Travel budget codes
PHHE G52284 MICE Travel
PHHE G52287 GridPP Travel
PHHE G52185 (was: G52280) CMS Travel
PHHE G52282 LHCb Travel
PHHE G52283 T2K Travel
PHHE G52299 Hyper K Travel
PHHE P53351 LZ (note that this is a project account)

To find the expense claim forms go here, log in and then click "My Expenses"

Popular expense types (in the correct format -- will autocomplete):
TRAVEL: (Rail, ...)
SUBSISTENCE: (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Meal (therefore avoiding the 'dinner' or 'supper' questions)
ACCOM: (Hotels)
FEES: (Conferences)

Don't forget the "Incidental Overnight Expenses" in Step 2. Locations are "UK -other" and "All Other Locations"
Note that the account codes need to be entered under "Non-Project(GL) Accounts " in Step 3 - except for LZ.
Don't forget to print the barcode at the end ("Print Claim")

How to find out which number a missed call was from:
press the little globe, select "Directories", then select "Missed Calls". Couldn't be any more intuitive ....

Source of the official College webpage publication list.
My teamseer.
Physics Sharepoint
Onedrive (use myloginname@ic.ac.uk to log in).