PhD opening in the AION group

February 28, 2024

We have a funded position for a PhD student starting in 2024 to join the AION group at Imperial!

Our research is centred around the use of ultracold strontium atoms to make sensitive quantum devices. We build atom interferometers for the AION project that will one day detect gravitational waves from the early universe, we use entangled states of matter and light to take measurements beyond the limits set by uncorrellated quantum states, we develop optical clocks that use optical lattice conveyer belts to continuously interrogate atomic transitions with incredible precision, and we use these in collaboration with other experimental and theoretical groups to search for signatures of dark matter and dark energy.

Would you like to join a dynamic and welcoming group in central London? If you are interested in:

…and if you would like to be using lasers, building electronics, programming experimental control systems, analysing data from a cold atoms experiment, thinking about dark matter & gravitational waves and generally enjoying yourself, then get in touch with us by emailing Oliver at or check our website at