Imperial College
Joint HEP-APP IOP meeting on SUSY
Level 5 Physics Dept

12.00 - 18.00 Wednesday 24 March 2010




Hotel Accommodation

Searching for SUSY at the LHC and interplay with astroparticle physics


With the LHC now running, the community is looking forward to the upcoming influx of new data, which are eagerly awaited to shed light on supersymmetry. At the same time, there have been several exciting recent developments both on the direct and indirect dark matter detection fronts. This workshop addresses the question of what we can expect to learn about SUSY from the upcoming LHC data, both from the physics and the statistical point of view, and of the interplay with astroparticle probes, and more specifically with direct detection methods. The emphasis on the convergence between the two techniques will aim at favouring the exchange between the two communities, working respectively on the accelerator and on the direct detection sides.

Scientific programme


12.15: "SUSY at colliders and its connection to astroparticle physics and cosmology"
John Ellis (CERN) [40+15]min

SUSY at colliders:

13.10: Early searches for SUSY at the LHC
Alex Tapper (Imperial College) [25+10]min

Interpretation of discoveries with the help of Global Fits

13:45: Global Fits: Making sense out of what we will see
O. Buchmueller (Imperial College) & R. Trotta (Imperial College) [30+15]min


15.00: Global Fits a la Frequentist
F. Ronga(ETHZ) [20+10] min

15:30: Global Fits a la Bayesian
R. Ruiz de Austri(Valencia) [20+10]min

Direct Dark Matter searches and interplay with collider searches

16.00: Direct Dark Matter Searches: World Status and Prospects
Tim Sumner (Imperial College) [20+10]min

16:30: Identifying Dark Matter candidates
Gianfranco Bertone (IAP & Zurich) [20+10]min

17:00: Understanding the local dark matter velocity distribution - Progress and Challenges
Malcom Fairbarn (King's College) [20+10]min

19.30: DINNER

Local organizing committee
Oliver Buchmuller (HEP, Imperial College London)
Roberto Trotta (Astrophyiscs, Imperial College London)

General Information

There is no charge for this meeting, but we request that you register so we have an idea of numbers. For further information please contact Oliver Buchmuller or Roberto Trotta.

Directions to the South Kensington campus can be found at
The Meeting will be held in ROOM 539, LEVEL 5, BLACKETT LAB Physics Dept. - No.6 on the College MAP

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