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Tuesday 1.11 meetings page.

Monday minutes.
LZ UK meetings:
7.Jan.2019 at Imperial: Agenda

UK Data Centre

UK Data Centre Wiki page. This page should contain all relevant information/links about the UKDC.

UK Data Centre: Reviews and ICDs
UK Data Centre Final Design Review (restricted access) (/home/hep/dbauer/ukdcfdr)
UK Data Centre Acceptance Review (restricted access)
WBS 1.11 (Computing) related ICDs.
The ICD Workpage (Feb 2018, obsolete).

UK Data Centre: LZ Production
The LZ production interface (restricted).
Needs link to current JSI code.
LZ Event Viewer (needs grid cert in browser)

Check transfers on FTS.
Simulation page (including "How to run baccarat" tutorial).

Spade tickets.
UKDC specific SPADE notes. Will go on the LZ Wiki eventually.


NIM (NERSC Information Management) login page (user name chosen after my favourite SWF3 character)

The secret microphone settings: System Settings -> Multimedia -> Audio Volume -> Applications (also: Line In)