This is the help page for the IDS-NF wiki. This page should contain all the information you need on how to use the wiki. If something is missing or unclear send me <a DOT kurup AT imperial DOT ac DOT uk> an email.

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The aim of this wiki is to provide users a way to exchange information in a relatively pain-free way. To make full use of the wiki you'll need an account. This will allow you to upload files, edit webpages (if you've been given permission) and add links to pages in your quicklinks menu.

Getting an Account

To gain access to private pages and files you will need to login with an account. To get an account you will need to send me <a DOT kurup AT imperial DOT ac DOT uk> an email stating which institute you are affiliated with and which working group you want to be associated with (i.e. Physics, Accelerator or Detector). I will then send you an email with your username and password and you will be automatically subscribed to the new IDS-NF mailing lists.

Once you login you will be able to see all the general private pages and the private pages of the working group you are associated with. You will also be able to upload files to certain pages, e.g. uploading your talk to a meeting page. There is a users preference page (the link is under your username in the User menu on the left). Do not make any changes to this page other than editing your quicklinks.

By default normal user accounts are only allowed to view pages and cannot edit pages. The "Page" menu will show "Immutable Page" if you don't have permission to edit the current page. If you need to edit a page send an email to the person responsible for your working group pages explaining what you need to do. If the page you want to edit is not a working group subpage send me <a DOT kurup AT imperial DOT ac DOT uk> an email explaining what you want to do.

Changing your password

When your account is created you will be emailed a password. If you wish to change your password click on the "Preferences" link in the "User" menu on the left of the page. Enter your new password into the "Password" box and the "Password repeat" box then click the "Save" button.

If you've forgotten your password

If you've forgotten your password you will have to send me <a DOT kurup AT imperial DOT ac DOT uk> an email and I'll send you a new one. There is no option to get it automatically emailed to you.

Quicklinks are basically links to pages that appear in your "Quicklinks" menu on the left of the page. Clicking on "Add Quicklink" will add a link to the current page to the menu. You can delete items from the menu or rearrange the order of items on the users preferences page. Just follow the "Preferences" link on the "User" menu on the left and edit the items in the "Quick links" box.

Uploading a talk for a meeting

The person responsible for the meeting agenda should have created an upload link for your talk on the agenda for the session you gave your talk in. Clicking on the link will take you to the "Attached Files" page. Click the "Browse" button, select your talk and then click the "Open" button. Do not change the entry in the "Rename to" box unless the file extension is different in which case amend the file extension only. Click on the "Upload" button and after the page has refreshed click on the clear message link at the top of the page. The upload link should now be replaced with a link to your file. Click on the link to make sure the file was uploaded correctly. If it wasn't, contact the person responsible for the agenda page. If you need to upload a new version of your talk follow the instructions below for uploading files to a page apart from the part about editing the files table. In the "Rename to" box use the following naming convention:


replace the words in bold with the appropriate information, eg S1-Person-1-v1.ppt. When you have uploaded the new version notify the person maintaining the agenda page so that the link on the agenda page can be changed to point to the new version.

Uploading files to a page

Most of the working group pages will have a section at the bottom called files that you can add files to (assuming you are logged in and you've been given write permission). First click on the "Files" link which will take you to the files page. Now click on the "Attachments" link which will take you to the "Attached Files" page. Click on the "Browse" button, select the file you want to upload and then click "Open". Enter the new name for the file in the "Rename to" box if you wish to rename the uploaded file. Click on the "Upload" button. The page should refresh showing details of your uploaded file at the bottom of the file list. Click the "View Page" link and check that the file has uploaded correctly. If it hasn't contact the person responsible for maintaining the working group page/ meeting page so that they can remove that file.

If there is a table on the "Files" page you should add an entry for your file . Click on the "Edit" or the "Edit (Text)" link on the "Page" menu. Scroll to the bottom of the edit window and copy and paste this wiki code at the bottom of the page:

 || @DATE@ || [attachment:filename.ext filename.ext]|| userName || description of file ||

filename.ext should be the new name of the file if you renamed it. userName should be your wiki user name (make sure your firstname is all lowercase) and description should be a brief description of the file. If you are uploading a picture and you would like it to be displayed in the table rather than having a link to it use this wiki code instead:

 || @DATE@ || attachment:filename.ext||  userName || description of file ||

otherwise the picture will be inserted into the table instead of a link to the picture.

Make sure there are no spaces after the last || and press enter so that the cursor is now at the beginning of the next line. Now click the "Preview" button at the top of the editing window and check the preview at the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the table you should see a new row for your file and in the "filename" column you should see a paperclip next to the name of the file you uploaded. If it says "Upload new attachment" then the filename you entered into the table is not the same as the file you uploaded. If everything looks OK click on the "Save Changes" button, otherwise edit the text or click on the cancel button and start again.

Editing the agenda for a meeting

If you need a page created for a meeting send me <a DOT kurup AT imperial DOT ac DOT uk> an email stating which meeting it's for and who will be responsible for editing the page. I will create a new page from a template which can then be edited. At the bottom of the page will be the link to a subpage called Files where the talks for the meeting can be uploaded by the speakers. To edit the agenda page click on the "Edit (Text)" link on the "Page" menu. <!> The "Edit (GUI)" can be unstable so do not use it.

I have created an Excel spreadsheet and macro to automatically generate the wiki code for the agenda page. You will receive a copy of this when the page is created for you.

<!> Under construction. Details on how to use the spreadsheet is coming.

Uploading multiple files

The easy way to upload multiple files is to upload a zip file containing the files you want to upload. If you need to rename files, make sure you do this before creating the zip file. If you are uploading talks to an agenda page make sure you attach the zipfile to the Files subpage. Once you've uploaded the zipfile you will see a link next to the zipfile to unzip it, if you have sufficient permissions. If you don't see this link ask the person responsible for maintaining the agenda/working group page to unzip the file for you.

Inserting images in a webpage

If the image is attached to a subpage called files use this line

Help on the wiki language

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