1st year seminars

Robyn Lucas - Monojet Searches at the Compact Muon Solenoid

Daniele Mirarchi - Crystal collimation for LHC [PPTX]

Sam Cunliffe - A Search for B0(s)->mu mu gamma and B0(d)->mu mu gamma at LHCb

Dominic Brailsford - T2K Experiment part 1 - Neutrino Oscillations and T2K Introduction [PDF]

Pip Hamilton - The T2K Experiment - Super-K, Analysis & Results

Rebecca Lane - Search for Higgs Production by Vector Boson Fusion Decaying to two Taus or two Neutrinos [PDF]

Joao Arnauth Pela - VBF Higgs searches @ LHC - CMS [PDF]

Tiann-Tevong You - Electroweak Physics at CMS

Samuel Hall - A Search for the Rare Decay B^+ -> Ds phi at LHCb