Imperial College London

First Year PG HEP Seminars

Department of Physics

Tuesday 12:30 Tom Whyntie Two Higgs Are Better Than One: Physics at the Super Large Hadron Collider and the Implications for the CMS Silicon Tracker [PPS]
Tuesday 12:50 Gordon Ball Tau Physics at the CMS Experiment and Grid Computing []
Tuesday 13:10 James Dobson T2K Oscillation Experiment: Getting the Neutrino Out of the Bottle [PDF]
Tuesday 13:30 Matthew Easton PAMELA: Injector Studies for Hadron Cancer Therapy Using a ns-FFAG Accelerator [PDF]
Tuesday 13:50 Pawel Guzowski The T2K Experiment: A Background Introduction [PDF]
Thursday 12:30 Nikolaos Rompotis Electron Identification and Reconstruction in CMS: an ECAL Perspective [PDF]
Thursday 12:50 Jad Marrouche Using Jets for Discovery at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) [PDF]
Thursday 13:10 Christopher Blanks RICH Alignment for Commissioning of the Large Hadron Collider Beauty Experiment []
Thursday 13:30 Adam Dobbs The Neutrino Factory and MICE [PDF]
Thursday 13:50 Daniel Hollington An Introduction to LISA and LISA Pathfinder [PDF]
Thursday 14:10 Fatima Soomro Calibration of Magnetic Distortions in the RICH1 HPDs [PDF]
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