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UK Particle Physics Seminars

Winter Term 2016

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Jan 15 Cora Dvorkin
Traces of the Early Universe in the CMB and the Large-Scale Structure []
Jan 20 Chris Rogers
Muon Cooling in the MICE experiment []
Jan 27 Yanyan Gao
High mass dibosons gatherings at the LHC []
Feb 3 Ben Krikler
An Early-Stage Perspective of The COMET Experiment []
Feb 10 Nicola McConkey
Liquid Argon detector development []
Feb 17 Uta Klein
The Large Electron Proton Collider []
Feb 23 PG students
1st year PG talks []
Feb 25 PG students
1st year PG talks []
Mar 2 Lauren Tompkins
The ATLAS Track Trigger []
Mar 9 Christian Schwaneberger
Top Precision Measurements and Searches for New Physics []
Mar 16 Mark Lancaster
(University College London)
The g-2 experiment []
Mar 23 Ivan Polyakov
(Moscow State)
Investigation of exotic hadron states at LHCb []

All seminars are in Blackett Laboratory Rm 539, at 4 pm on Wednesdays, unless otherwise stated. Tea and biscuits are served 15 minutes before the seminar time.

Anyone wishing to give a seminar should contact Bjoern Penning ( or in a pinch Mitesh Patel ).

Information on previous seminars can be found here.

Suggestions welcome - Enjoy!