HEP Seminars

All seminars take place at 1500 UK time on Wednesdays. We hope that some seminars this term will take place in person as well as remotely. Regardless, all seminars will be broadcast with connection details circulated in advance by the fundamentals.

Summer Term 2022

Date Speaker Title
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11th May Clara Nellist (Radboud University) Communicating particle physics [slides]
18th May No seminar - -
25th May Luca Mastrolorenzo (Aachen) Probing the Higgs boson decay to charm quarks in the gluon-fusion and associated production processes [slides]
1st June Matt Kenzie (Warwick) Custom Orthogonal Weight functions (COWs) - an improved event weighting procedure for removing background from signal [slides]
8th June (at 4pm) Elena Benedetto (SEEIIST Association, Geneva) Accelerator challenges for the CERN Next Ion Medical Machine Study (NIMMS) [slides]
15th June Jesse Liu (Cambridge) Colliding light, tau g–2, and broadband axion detection [slides]
22nd June Tim Noakes (Daresbury) POSTPONED: The RUEDI (Relativistic Ultra-fast Electron Diffraction and Imaging) Facility [slides]
29th June Iacopo Vivarelli (Sussex) Status of searches for EW-scale supersymmetry after LHC Run 2 [slides]

All seminars are in Blackett Laboratory Rm 539, at 3 pm on Wednesdays, unless otherwise stated. Tea and biscuits are served 15 minutes before the seminar time when the room booking allows. A zoom link will also be available for those who are isolating or who cannot attend in person.

Anyone wishing to give a seminar should contact Rob Bainbridge or Will Barter.

Information on previous seminars can be found here.

Suggestions welcome - Enjoy!