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UK Particle Physics Seminars

Autumn Term 2016

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Oct 05 Jeff Hartnell
Neutrino oscillation results from NOvA [.pdf]
Oct 12 Paul Dauncey
State of the nation [N/A]
Oct 19 Marta Verweij
Jet quenching in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC []
Oct 26
(Starts 14h, see link,
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Gabriella Gonzales (LSU), Marcelle Soares-Santos (FNAL), Eugene Lim (KCL), Tim Sumner (ICL) Gravitational Wave Symposium [Indico]
Nov 2 Aran Garcia-Bellido
Top gear at the LHC []
Nov 9 Kirsty Duffy
Neutrino oscillation at T2K: a Bayesian perspective []
Nov 16 Francis Froborg
WIMP Modulation Detection with SABRE [.pdf]
Nov 24
Angela Papa
The mu -> e + gamma decay search with the full dataset of the MEG experiment []
Nov 30 Matthew Malek
The WATCHMAN Project: Using Anti-Neutrinos for Nuclear Threat Reduction []
Dec 7 Emma Kuwertz
Searching for SUSY in the Z-peak []
Dec 14 David Cerdeno
Neutrino physics with dark matter detectors []

All seminars are in Blackett Laboratory Rm 539, at 4 pm on Wednesdays, unless otherwise stated. Tea and biscuits are served 15 minutes before the seminar time.

Anyone wishing to give a seminar should contact Francis Froborg, Phillip Litchfield or Seth Zenz.

Information on previous seminars can be found here.

Suggestions welcome - Enjoy!