HEP Seminars

Autumn Term 2018

Date Speaker Title
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3 October Lydia Brenner
ATLAS Higgs to γγ [link]
10 October State of the Nation
17 October Nansi Andari
Measurement of the W-boson mass with the ATLAS detector [link]
24 October Kevin Prise
(Queens Uni Belfast)
The radiobiology of proton therapy: Accelerator and laser-based approaches [link]
31 October Gerco Onderwater
Muon anomalous magnetic moment – Harbinger of New Physics?< []
7 November Ed Daw
The Hunt for Halo Axions []
14 November
3:00 PM
Minoo Kabirnezhad
The importance of neutrino interaction theory and its impact on neutrino oscillation experiments []
THURSDAY 15 November
12 Noon, Huxley 503
Andy Chisholm
Searching for Higgs boson decays to charm quark pairs with charm jet tagging at ATLAS [link]
21 November
3:00 PM
Adinda de Wit
Higgs boson decay to b-quarks (CMS) []
28 November
3:00 PM
Teppei Katori
Observation of a Significant Excess of Electron-Like Events in the MiniBooNE Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiment []
5 December
2:30 PM, Blacket 539
Andy Rose
TBD []
12 December
3:00 PM
Maurizio Vretnar
Accelerators for medicine []

All seminars are in Blackett Laboratory Rm 539, at 3 pm on Wednesdays, unless otherwise stated. Tea and biscuits are served 15 minutes before the seminar time.

Anyone wishing to give a seminar should contact Patrick Dunne or Rob Bainbridge.

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