Imperial College London

First Year PG HEP Seminars

Department of Physics

Tuesday 12:00 Robin Nandi CMS e/gamma and Higgs Physics [PDF]
Tuesday 12:20 Michael Cutajar Tau Tagging and Inclusive A/H -> tau tau -> 2 Jets Searches with CMS [PDF]
Tuesday 12:40 Pavel Stejskal Simulating Single Event Upset Effects in Photoreceivers [PDF]
Tuesday 13:00 Zoe Hatherell Searching for Supersymmetry at CMS with Inclusive Leptonic Signals [PDF]
Tuesday 13:20 Alexander Sparrow Supersymmetry Searches and the Level 1 Trigger at CMS [PDF]
Tuesday 13:40 Arlo Guneratne-Bryer Potential for SUSY Discovery in Leptonic Channels and Particle Flow Techniques at CMS [PDF]
Tuesday 14:00 Alastair Currie Inference About Dark Matter From ZEPLIN-III [PDF]
Thursday 12:00 Ravi Harji LHCb Overview & Measuring Gamma [PDF]
Thursday 12:20 Paul Schaack New physics at LHCb via B->K*0mu+mu- [PDF]
Thursday 12:40 Andri Alekou Muon Beam Dynamics in the MICE Experiment and the Neutrino Factory [PDF]
Thursday 13:00 Sarah Dipper Overview of the T2K Experiment [PDF]
Thursday 13:20 Gil Kogan The T2K Experiment [PDF]
Thursday 13:40 Patrick Masliah Nue Appearance Search at T2K [PDF]
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