Imperial College London

Third Year PG IOP Practice Talks

Department of Physics


The first session will be held in 539; the second session will be held in 1004.

IOP Talk Slot & Time
12:00 Gordon Ball Higgs to tau-tau analysis at CMS Tue (2), Session 2, 14:45 [PDF]
12:24 Chris Blanks Alignment of LHCb's RICH Detectors with Collision Data Tue (2), Session 4, 14:30 [PDF]
12:48 Tom Easton RFQ Injector for PAMELA FFAG Wed (3), Session 3, 11:00 [PDF]
13:12 Tom Whyntie Early searches for supersymmetry at the LHC in the all-hadronic channel Tue (2), Session 2, 15:00 [PDF]
Room 1004
14:00 Pawel Guzowski NC1pi0 interactions at the T2K Near Detector Tue (1), Session 3, 11:30 [PDF]
14:24 Jim Dobson Constraining Neutrino Interaction Systematics at T2K Tue (1), Session 3, 11:45 [PDF]
14:48 Jad Marrouche Towards a measurement of W-boson polarisation using jets and leptons with the CMS detector at the LHC Tue (1), Session 2, 12:30 [PDF]
15:12 Fatima Soomro Radiative decays at LHCb Tue (1), Session 1, 12:30 [PDF]
At Fermilab Adam Dobbs MICE Particle Rate and Beam Loss Wed (3), Session 3, 11:15
At CERN Nikos Rompotis Electron Identification and Commissioning with Early Data for CMS Wed (3), Session 1, 12:00 [PDF]
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