Daniela Bauer

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    Daniela Bauer
High Energy Physics Group
Blackett Lab
Prince Consort Road
Imperial College
London SW7 2BW
United Kingdom
Email: daniela.bauer (*at*) imperial.ac.uk
           (daniela.bauer.grid (*at*) googlemail.com)

Current projects

Grid work within the GRIDPP project.
I am also the site admin for the UKI-LT2-IC-HEP grid site.

DIRAC: Developement and User support.


LZ, IRIS, other projects.

Quick link to the admin stuff I encounter ....

Recent talks

Slowly getting back to normal: The GridPP status report at the DIRAC Users Workshop.

For the first time in a while: A physics talk ! IRIS Collaboration meeting: Particle Physics in IRIS.

Together with my colleague Simon Fayer I organized the 9th DIRAC Users' workshop in London. That should count for something.

CHEP 2018: The LZ UK Data Centre

ICNPF 2017: Distributed Computing for Small Experiments
DIRAC Users Workshop: Status: The GridPP DIRAC instance
GridPP38: Imperial College as a 'Big Site' in GridPP
Final Design Review (LZ Collaboration meeting at SLAC): LZ UK Data centre (sorry, restricted)

CHEP 2016: GridPP DIRAC: Supporting non-LHC VOs on LHC centric resources
CHEP 2016: Stealth Cloud: How not to waste CPU during grid to cloud transitions
DIRAC Users Workshop 2016: GridPP DIRAC Service

A list of my recent publications can be found here.

Previous projects

Cloud computing (outside the IRIS project).

From 1999 until September 2008 I was working on the D0 experiment at Fermilab near Chicago/USA. A summary of the work I did during this time (including my thesis (Imperial College, 2002)) can be found here.

MasterCode (small VO support)

My life outside physics. Or at least bits thereof.