Imperial College London

First Year PG HEP Seminars

Department of Physics


NOTE: Tuesday talks are in 1004; Thursday talks are in 741.

Tuesday 12:00 William Ferguson The SLHC and the Challenges of the CMS Upgrade [PPT]
Tuesday 12:15 Alex Shires LHCb Tracking Efficiency [PDF]
Tuesday 12:30 Chris Parkinson B->Kmumu Decays at LHCb [PDF]
Tuesday 12:45 Martyn Jarvis Particle Flow Event Reconstruction [PDF]
Tuesday 13:00 Bryn Mathias Kinematic Searches for Missing Energy at CMS [PDF]
Thursday 12:00 Edward Mitchell The LISA Gravitational Wave Mission [PDF]
Thursday 12:15 Samuel Rogerson The Standard Model, Supersymmetry and CMS [PDF]
Thursday 12:30 Nicholas Wardle Electroweak Physics at CMS [PDF]
Thursday 12:45 Mark Scott The Tokai to Kamioka Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment [PDF]
Thursday 13:00 Sam Short
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