Imperial College London

Third Year PG IOP Practice Talks

Department of Physics

IOP Talk Slot & Time
Wed 14:00 David Lee A Laser-Based Beam Density Distribution Diagnostic for the RAL Front End Test Stand Session 3C, Wed 11:26 [PDF]
Wed 14:30 Konstantinos Petridis Reconstruction of Z->tautau->e+tau jet events using early data with CMS Session 1A, Mon 16:22 [PDF]
Wed 15:00 Andrew Rose The CMS L1 trigger: from LHC to SLHC Session 1A, Mon 16:48 [PDF]
Wed 15:30 Hakan Yilmaz Positional and Angular Resolution of the CALICE pre-Prototype ECAL Session 3C, Wed 12:25 [PDF]
Thu 14:00 Chris Eames LHCb RICH Alignment Session 3C, Wed 11:13 [PDF]
Thu 14:30 Blair Edwards ZEPLIN: the Hunt for Dark Matter Not talking at IOP [PDF]
Thu 15:00 Mark Pesaresi CMS upgrade studies Session 1A, Mon 17:01 [PDF]
Thu 15:30 Mark Tibbets Evidence for $b \to d \gamma$ Transitions Using a Sum of Exclusive Final States Session 1B, Mon 15:43 [PDF]
Thu 16:30 David Wardrope W and Z Measurements with Initial CMS Data Session 1A, Mon 16:09 [PDF]
At Fermilab Theo Christoudias Search for Associated Production of Z and Higgs Bosons in nunu bb Final States Session 2A, Tue 11:26 [PDF]
At Fermilab Joe Walding The SciBooNE Experiment: Motivation, Construction and CCQE Analysis Session 1C. Mon 15:56 [PDF]
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