Working Group 2 - Neutrino Oscillation: Physics and Detector


S. King (Southampton) -
D. Harris (FNAL) - DHarris@FNAL.Gov
O. Yasuda (Tokyo Metropolitan University) -

Tuesday (2nd July, 2002) - (Joint Session with WG1)
Super beams and Beta beams
Lecture Theatre 1, Blackett Laboratory

Beam Lines (9:00-13:00) - Chair: D. Harris
1 S. Kopp (9:00-9:20) NUMI Beamline--Now and Future Upgrades,
2 S. Kahn (9:20-9:40) 1MW Neutrino Beam Facility at Brookhaven,
proceedings: PS.
3 A. Ichikawa (9:40-10:00) JHF2K beam line,
proceedings: PS.
4 B. Autin and
F. Pietropaolo (10:00-10:20)
Beam line for CNGS and CERN to Golf of Taranto
5 M. Mezzetto (10:20-10:40) Physics potential of the SPL, Part I: Super Beam,
proceedings: PS.
6 F. Meot (10:40-11:00) Four pion beam recombination,
proceedings: PS.
Coffee (11:00-11:30)
Participants (11:30-13:00) General discussion on beam lines
a) Issues common to pion beam lines and
neutrino factory front end
b) Collaborations to be developed
c) Super-beams versus neutrino factories

Lunch (13:00-14:00)

B-Beams (14:00-15:30) - Chair: B. Autin
1 M. Mezzetto (14:00-14:20) Physics potential of the SPL, Part II: b-beam,
proceedings: PS.
2 F. Wenander (14:20-14:40) Production and ionisation of n_e emitters using
the ISOL method
3 M. Lindroos (14:40-15:00) Acceleration and storage of ions for a b-beam,
proceedings: Word, PDF.
Participants (15:00-15:30) General discussion on b-beams
a) Laboratories to be involved
b) Accelerator issues
Coffee (15:30-16:00)
Targets and Pion Collectors (16:00-18:15)
1 P. Sievers (16:00-16:20) Review of target parameters ,
proceedings: Word.
2 H. Kirk (16:20-16:40) Mercury jet at BNL
3 A. Fabich and
J. Lettry (16:40-17:00)
Experiments on mercury targets at CERN,
proceedings: PS.
4 K. Yoshimura (17:00-17:20) R&D work on targetry and collector for PRISM
5 S. Gilardoni (17:20-17:40) Horn for a neutrino factory,
proceedings: PS.
Participants (17:40-18:30) General discussion on beam line components
a) Target technology for high power beams
b) Magnetic Horn versus adiabatic solenoid
Contacts: Bruno Autin ( and Deborah Harris (
NOTE: This session is parallel with the Target and Pion Collectors Session
Lecture Theatre 2, Blackett Laboratory
Theory (16:30-18:15) - Chair: S.F. King
1 Q. Shafi (16:30-17:00) Neutrino mass in extra dimensions,
proceedings: PS.
2 T. Blazek (17:00-17:30) GUT models,
proceedings: PS.
3 J.W.F. Valle (17:30-18:15) Nonstandard interpretations,
proceedings: PS.

Wednesday (3rd July, 2002)
Lecture Theatre 2, Blackett Laboratory
Phenomonology (10:00-17:30) - Chair: O. Yasuda
1 S. Choubey (10:00-10:30) Global analysis of solar neutrinos ,
proceedings: PS.
2 K. Kimura (10:30-11:00) Exact formula of probability and cp violatio for
neutrino oscillations in matter
proceedings: PS.
Coffee (11:00-11:30)
3 H. Minakata (11:30-12:00) Method for determination of |U(E3)| in neutrino
oscillation appearance experiments
4 K. Whisnant (12:00-12:30) Breaking eight fold degeneracies in neutrino cp violation,
mixing, and mass hierarchy,
proceedings: PS.
5 O. Mena (12:30-13:00) New study about the degeneracies of the neutrino factory,
proceedings: PS.

Lunch (13:00-14:00)

6 P. Huber (14:00-14:30) CP, T & CPT violation at future LBL experiments ,
proceedings: PS.
7 Y.Y.Y. Wong (14:30-15:00) T-violation tests for relativity principles,
proceedings: PS.
8 M. Campanelli (15:00-15:30) Effects of new physics in Oscillations in matter ,
proceedings: PS.
Coffee (15:00-16:00)
9 D. Meloni (16:00-16:30) The nu_e -> nu_tau channel as a tool to improve
the leptonic CP violation measurement
proceedings: PS.
10 T. Ota (16:30-17:00) Matter profile effect in neutrino factory ,
proceedings: PS.
11 W. Winter (17:00-17:30) The effects of matter density uncertainties on neutrino
oscillations in the Earth
proceedings: PS.
Theory (17:30-18:30) - Chair: S.F. King
1 T. Morozumi (17:30-18:00) Leptogenesis and low energy cp violation ,
proceedings: PS.
2 A. Ibarra (18:00-18:30) Leptogenesis and low energy phases,
proceedings: PS.


Thursday (4th July, 2002) - (Joint Session with WG3 after 11:30)
Cross Sections, Detector Issues and Beam Systematics Issues
Lecture Theatre 1, Blackett Laboratory
Experimental Talks for WG 2
(10:00-11:00) - Chair: D. Harris
1 D. Markoff (10:00-10:20) KamLAND ,
proceedings: PS, PDF.
2 D. Cline (10:20-10:40) Mini-LANNDD Proposal,
proceedings: PS.
3 K. McDonald(10:40-11:00) Long Baseline Strategy
Coffee (11:00-11:30)
Cross Sections, Detector Issues and Beam Systematics Issues
(11:30-13:00) - Chairs: K. McFarland and D. Harris
1 M. Yoshida (11:30-11:55) New results from K2K
Cross Sections: from Quasielastics to DIS
2 D. Casper (11:55-12:25) Neutrino Cross Sections and Oscillation Experiments
3 A. Bodek (12:25-12:45) Model for neutrino Cross Sections from DIS to Resonance Region ,
proceedings: PS, PDF.
Discussion (12:45-13:00) led by Kevin McFarland
What do we still need to know about background processes:
(a) pi0 production, DIS feeddown into QE regime
(b) HE DIS -> "resonance" feeddown

Lunch (13:00-14:00)

Detector Issues: Detecting nu_mu CC and nu_e CC events
in both QE and Resonance Regions (14:00-14:55)
1 A. Para (14:00-14:25) Sampling Detectors
2 M. Campanelli (14:25-14:40) Energy measurement of quasi-elastics, unfolding
detector and physics effects
proceedings: PS.
3 K. McDonald (14:40-14:55) Liquid Argon
Beam Systematic Issues (14:55-17:20)
1 A. Broncano (14:55-15:10) Flux Corrections at a neutrino factory
2 T. Kobayashi (15:10-15:40) Translation from Near to Far at K2K,
proceedings: PS.
Coffee (15:40-16:10)
3 M. Szleper (16:10-16:30) Hadron Production Uncertainties at NUMI,
proceedings: PS.
4 L. Coney (16:30-17:00) Beam Systematics at Few GeV region: MiniBooNE
5 R. Bernstein (17:00-17:20) Flux and Cross Section Systematics in a conventional
Disappearance Measurement
proceedings: PDF.
Near Detector Issues (17:20-18:30)
1 T. Kajita (17:20-17:40) K2K and JHF-neutrino Near Detectors
2 J. Morfin (17:40-18:00) MINOS Near Detector(s): now and the future
Discussion (18:00-18:30) led by Kevin McFarland
Issues for 2nd generation near detectors
Also: Joint Theory Session with WG4 from 14:00-17:10