NuInt14 Slides.

Opening remarks
H da Motta Filho, Perspective from NuInt12 [PDF]

Session 1: Neutrino interaction systematics for oscillation experiments
T Katori, MiniBooNE Neutrino Interaction Systematics [PDF]
T Dealtry, T2K Neutrino Interaction Systematics [PDF]
M Bass, Future LBL Neutrino Interaction Systematics [PDF]
C Adams, Effect of neutrino interaction systematics for future sterile nu searches [PDF]
J Nowak, Theory Perspectives [PDF]
D Autiero, Experiment Perspectives [PPT]

Session 2: Inclusive Measurements
J Mousseau, MINERvA CC Inclusive Ratios [PDF]
E Church, ArgoNeuT Nu/Nubar CC Inclusive Measurements [PDF]
T Kikawa, T2K On-axis CC Inclusive Measurements [PDF]
B Smith, T2K Nue CC Inclusive Measurement [PDF]


>Session 3: DIS and Other inelastic scattering
S Nakamura, Multipi resonances and the continuum [PDF]
E Christy, High-x, lower W (transition) PDFs [PDF]
T Jezo, The CTEQ Nuclear PDFs [PDF]
M Siddikov, Generalised parton distribution functions with neutrinos [PDF]
M Athar, Strange production [PDF]

>Session 4: Electron Scattering
L Weinstein, (e,e'pp) and (ee',pn) and the role of correlations [PDF]
S Manly, CLAS single pion production on D2, C, Pb, Fe targets[PDF]
A Ankowski, Spectral function calculations with FSI for C(e,e') [PDF]
E Christy, TEM fits to e-A data and nu-A [PDF]
Morfin, Intro to NuSTEC [PDF]


>Session 5: Elastic Scattering (CC and NC)
M Tzanov, T2K off-axis tracker CCQE[PDF]
T Kikawa, T2K on-axis numu CCQE [PDF]
C Patrick, MINERvA numu/numubar CCQE [PDF]
C McGivern, MINERvA other new results [PDF]
C Giusti, Optical potential model for CCQE [PDF]
C-M Jen, Spectral functions for generators [PDF]

>Session 6: MEC and np-nh models and fits to data
J Amaro, Inclusion of MEC in Susa calculations [PDF]
Weak current two-body in inclusive carbon 12[PDF]
M Martini, Theoretical overview of np-nh excitations [PDF]
R Gran, QE and 2p2h up to 10 GeV [PDF]
O Palamara, Detecting CC 0 pion events in ArgoNeuT [PDF]
J Zmuda, np-nh cahannels in generators [PDF]
P Sinclair, np-nh in T2K [PDF]


>Session 7: Future Experiments
M Wilking, T2K ND Upgrades and NuPRISM [PDF]
A Minamino, Wagasci detector [PDF]
S Gollapinni, MicroBooNE [PDF]
M Frank, NOvA [PDF]
F Blaszczyk, LARIAT and CAIPTAN [PDF]
R Guenette, LAr1-ND [PDF]
S Murphy, WA-105 [PDF]
K Scholberg, Measuring CENNS [PDF]

>Session 8: Confronting theory/models/MCs with data
A Furmanski, NEUT Updates [PDF]
C Andreopoulos, GENIE Update [PDF]
T Golan, NuWro Updates [PDF]
U Mosel, GIBUU Updates [PDF]
P Rodrigues, Needs for Global Fits [PDF]
Y Hayato, Future of NEUT [PDF]
C Andreopoulos, Future of GENIE [PDF]
J Sobczyk, Future of NuWro [PDF]
U Mosel, Future Problems [PDF]

>NuSTEC Meeting:
J Morfin, NuSTEC Discussion points [PDF]
S Dytman, GENIE discussion points [PDF]


>Session 9: Single Pion Scattering
B Eberly, MINERvA inclusive pion production [PDF]
E Santos, ArgoNeuT coherent piĀ± measurement [PDF]
A Mislivec, MINERvA coherent [PDF]
T Kikawa, T2K on-axis coherent pion production [PDF]
J Nieves, Watson's Theorem, Goldberg-Trieman relation, etc. [PDF]
U Mosel, Particle Production from MiniBooNE and T2K to MINERvA and LBNE [PDF]
J Zmuda, Form Factors of the Delta resonance [PDF]
Y Hayato, NEUT single pion discussion [PDF]
S Dytman, GENIE single pion discussion [PDF]
J Sobczyk, NuWro single pion discussion [PDF]

>Session 10: Neutrino Flux Predictions
D Harris, Constraining the NuMI neutrino beam [PDF]
M Posiadala, Constraining the J-PARC neutrino beam[PDF]
R Bayes, NuSTORM and NuFact neutrino flux uncertainties [PDF]
A Marino, Prospects for improvements in neutrino flux understanding [PDF]

>Session 3 Reprise:
J Nowak, Review of transition/DIS hadronisation [PDF]


>Session 11: The Path Forward
R Schiavilla, What is the interference between 1 and 2 body currents? [PDF]
M Soderberg, Precision oscillation needs: neutrino energy reconstruction, neutrino cross sections, and neutrino fluxes [PDF]
J Asaadi, Future prospects of e/pi0 separation and NCpi0 measurements with LAr [PDF]

T Sato, Proposal for NuInt15 [PDF]
M Wascko, Closing remarks [PDF]

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